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September 16, 2017


Worried that the file you're about to download might be malicious?  Have the file scanned with over 60 antivirus engines BEFORE you download it - all with one single online tool.

Just go to VirusTotal and paste in the link of the file you want to download.  Note:  That means the direct link to the file, not the page the file is linked from.   (Right-click the link and select “Copy link address” in Chrome, “Copy Link Location” in Firefox, or “Copy link” in Edge. Check your own browser's Help section for instructions) The file will be scanned and the results will tell you how many, if any, of the antivirus engines had a problem with it 

There are also browser extensions for the service available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

As always, don't depend totally upon one tool to protect yourself and your computer. Your best bet is to make sure you're getting your programs or files from trusted sources.

September 15, 2017

Just or Unjust?

You See the World as Somewhat Just

You don't see the world in simple terms. What's just and unjust is complicated.

You believe that justice is sometimes served, both in and outside the courts. But there is plenty of injustice to go around.

You don't expect anyone to treat you fairly or unfairly. You do your best to protect yourself from life's uncertainty.

You consider any justice you receive to be a bonus, but it's certainly not the norm.

September 14, 2017

Bummed, Not Buzzed

Not a 404 page, but close enough. Found on the TV Buzer page.

Click pic for larger view.

Nope, no free honey, not even the sweet link I was looking for.

September 9, 2017


Not sure for how long, but I will be offline for a while.

September 8, 2017

Different Dead Dog Links

Not different dead dogs, but dead links with different dogs.

Here's one of the Amazon 404 pages;  you can get a different dog by refreshing the page, but they're all on this page: Meet the Dogs of Amazon.

Say what you want about Amazon, it has to be a pretty good place to work that lets you bring your dog...unless you don't LIKE dogs, I guess.

Click pic for larger view.