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October 4, 2017


Not sure for how long, but I will be offline for a while.

October 3, 2017

Have You Ever Been in Love?

You Have Been in Love a Few Times

You know all about love firsthand. You've experienced it more than once, and you may be in love right now.

Your heart is quite open, and you have few barriers when it comes to falling in love. You just let yourself fall.

You have also experienced your fair share of heartbreak, but you know that just comes with the territory.

You never like healing a broken heart. However, you know that your heart can love again no matter what. It's just a question of time.

September 24, 2017


The most remarkable thing about this 404 message on TuneIn.com (radio) is that it's so unremarkable;  no cutesy little joke or illustration, no snarky or clever comment, just this simple graphic:

September 23, 2017

OK, I Won't

I've been getting some strange emails in my spam folder here lately, but this one is one of the strangest:

Of course, I know it's some type of scam, but most of that type have some type of link in the body of the mailing.  A quick search showed a few other people had got this exact same one and other similar ones but they were like me, wondering what the purpose is of them.

The only thing I can think of is someone being freaked out and replying back to the mail and therefore verifying that theirs is a working email address, but checking the reply to addresses shows these:


Now, I don't care enough about it to check to see if those domains are all legit or not, but I sure ain't gonna send an email out to any of 'em.  

That doesn't look like a legitimate email address, but as I always do, I will post it so the email address harvester bots can pick on it as well as the others I post.  Spam the spammers! 

What's amusing is how the sender obfuscated the "F***k You...!!" but didn't do the others. (I cut out most of the other words)

Stop sending you my photos?  OK, I won't.  I don't even send them to people I KNOW, much less to a total stranger.  Besides, I don't know too many women named Jessica, but the ones I DO know would be the ones sending ME photos